Jeon So-mi debuts cosmetics brand amid fan debate

Sara Wazowski
"Debut Cosmetics"

Well-known singer and burgeoning entrepreneur Jeon So-mi is venturing into the beauty industry with her own cosmetics brand, GLYF. This announcement has stirred conversation amongst her fans, with the pricing of the product line being a focal point of discussion. While some fans eagerly await the launch, others voice concerns over potentially high prices.

In response to questions about costliness, So-mi reassured fans, expressing that quality is paramount, but also stressing that the team is making tremendous efforts to make products accessible to everyone. It’s evident that So-mi prioritizes her fans’ value and satisfaction in this new venture.

GLYF is slated for a market debut this April. Jeon explained that her affinity for beauty products and her experiences from her music career heavily inspired the brand’s creation. She emphasized the extensive groundwork that went into its development.

Jeon So-mi’s cosmetics brand sparks fan debate

The main product is expected to be a highlighter palette, influenced by Jeon’s passion for makeup that allows room for creativity.

This product reflects the GLYF brand ethos, endorsing diversity, individuality, empowerment, and artistic freedom. It renders itself more than a mere beauty staple; instead, it is a tool for self-expression. All upcoming products in the GLYF line will maintain this dedication to creativity and articulation.

However, the cost of the product, 43,000 won ($31.90) for four shades, has caused a rift among fans. Aligning with luxury brand prices, some fans express caution about high prices for a newly launched product. In contrast, others exhibit excitement about purchasing it, confident in Jeon’s dedication to quality.

Despite the prevailing divergent views, numerous enthusiasts eagerly await the product launch, putting their faith in Jeon’s reputation for high standards. Yet, there are those who remain hesitant, expressing doubts about the worthiness of such an investment in an unproven product. Regardless, this continues to drive interest towards the product, contributing to the build-up of anticipation ahead of the launch.

Jeon’s rise to fame started with her victory on the auditioning show “Produce 101” in 2016, leading to her joining the band I.O.I. She started her solo music career in 2019 with The Black Label, releasing hit albums like “DUMB DUMB” (2021) and “GAME PLAN” (2023).

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